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Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs are mainly associated with use on vehicles. Commercial service vans, delivery trucks and any other vehicle that is on the road, in the service a commercial concern, are all potential sources of advertising. Magnetic signs, designed by Apple Signs, with company logo and contact information are often the most cost-effective means of this type of advertising.

Many times the choice of magnetic signs is for so-called, dual-use vehicles that convert into private vehicles at the end of the day. Additionally, many large corporations require visiting contractors to have identifying graphics on any vehicle that enters the property. Apple Signs Houston can make one set of magnetics or turn out hundreds of copies for your corporate fleet of vehicles.

There is an expanding market for the self-employed, entrepreneur who has a home business, to exploit this marketing tool. Since magnetic signs will stick on to any iron or steel surface, a whole new line of products has evolved.

Apple Signs Houston offers magnetic signs in all shapes and sizes including magnetic business cards, magnetic calendars, magnetic sports schedules and many other forms of magnetic advertising. Magnetic layouts can be designed using one or two spot colors or they can be done in full color. Contact Apple Signs Houston about this inexpensive way to turn your car, van or truck into a rolling, marketing tool.
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